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The 2nd International Conference on Open Source Software Computing (OSSCOM 2016)

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Parallel Programming Using Openmp

- Venue: Lebanese University (UL) - Beirut - Lebanon

- Date(s): 2nd December 2016

- Time: 14:00-18:00

- By: Prof. Enrique Arias Antúnez

- Requirements:

  • C programming language.
  • Basic concepts in Operating Systems.

- Justification: The main goal of this subject consists in introducing the student in the techniques and technologies that allow to develop more efficient applications in science and engineering, in particular using OpenMP library. This library is focused on the programming of shared memory platforms.

- Lecture Plan:

First talk: Introduction to OpenMP
This talk introduced some basic concepts of OpenMP library. Also a practice will be carried out.

Second talk: Parallelizing loops and sections using OpenMP
One of the main features of OpenMP is that allows the parallelization of loops very easily. Also, sections is a very interesting concept when using OpenMP
Also, in this talk, a set of exercises will be carried out in order to set the concepts.

Third talk: Synchronization
In shared distributed platforms the correct synchronization of tasks represents a key role in order to guarantee the correct result.
In this theoretical/practice session, some synchronization issues will be introduced.

Four talk: Matrix multiplication
This is really a practice session applying previous knowledge to solve the matrix multiplication using OpenMP. Different approaches will be taken into account.

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