Under the Patronage of HE. Mr. Boutros Harb - The Minister of Telecommunications

The 2nd International Conference on Open Source Software Computing (OSSCOM 2016)

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Day One: 1 December 2016

Venue: American University of Beirut, Lebanon




Session 1: Joint Opening (ASREN, AROQA, OSSCOM)

- Dr. Mohammad Harajli, Provost, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
- H.E. Yasser AbdulMunem, Director of Education and Scientific Research, League of Arab States, Egypt
- H.E. Dr. Sabry Saidam, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Palestine
- H.E. Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh, Chairman of Arab States Research and Education Network, Jordan
- H.E. the Minister of Telecommunications, Lebanon


Keynote (1): Stéphanie Truillé-Baurens, “International Cooperation in an Era of Information Explosion”, International Cooperation Officer, European Commission, Belgium


Appreciation and Recognition (Partners, Sponsors and hosts)




Keynote (2): Hana A. El-Ghali, “Tertiary Education in the MENA Region: Achieving Competitiveness and Employability through Good Governance", American University of Beirut and the World bank, Lebanon

Day Two: 2 December 2016

Venue: Lebanese University Central Administration, Mathaf, Beirut, Lebanon

Workshop I


Data Mining with Spark
Dr. Pascal Fares, ISSAE CNAM, Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon

Workshop II


Network Administration Under Linux
Dr. Jawad Khalife, Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon

Workshop III


Parallel Programming Using OpenMP
Prof. Enrique Arias Antúnez, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete, Spain

Workshop IV


Managing shared hosting with FreeBSD, nginx, MariaDB, Salt, and ZFS
Mr. Mohammad H. Al-Shami, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization, Amman, Jordan


OSSCOM consortium meeting (members only, by invitation)

Day Three: 3 December 2016

Venue: Lebanese University Central Administration, Mathaf, Beirut, Lebanon




Session 1: Opening remarks

- Prof. Fouad Ayoub, President, Lebanese University, Lebanon

- Fr. Walid Moussa, President, Notre Dame University

- Prof. Elias Hachem, Director, ISSAE CNAM, Beirut, Lebanon

- Dr. Aref Al-Soufi, National Erasmus+ Office coordinator

- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Herpers, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

- H.E. Talal Abu Ghazaleh, Chairman of ASREN, Jordan


Coffee Break


Keynote (1): Mr. Nabil Boukhaled, Internet Society – Lebanon Chapter
“Synergy and Dependency of the Opens – Internet and FOSS”


Session 2: Openness for Innovation and Business
Chair: Walid Karam

- Roula Moussa, Netways

- Michel Chammas, Bsynchro, “How insurtech is disrupting the industry”

- Naji Abizeid, ELCIM “ELCIM: Bridging companies with innovation”

- Bassem Dghaidy, SE Factory “Automating daily life with OS technologies, Data Analysis & Open Data”

- David Munir Nabti, “Open Source & Social Innovation: Addressing Global Challenges with Scalable Social Businesses”, AltCity, Lebanon




Keynote (2): Dr. Cherif Bedran, Information Management Ltd.
“Do Incubating Cobras Dream of Open source?”


Session 3: Open Education, learning, Resources, and culture
Chair: George Ghinea

- Jawad Khalife “LU IT Department Efforts in disseminating Open Source Culture”, Lebanese University

On behalf of Hassan Zeineddine“Open Source Learning Management System at the Lebanese University”, Lebanese University

- Pierre Gedeon, Notre Dame University, Lebanon, “The Competence Quotient: From Open Education to Open Learning”

- Enrique Arias, UCLM, Spain, Title: Research and Education in Parallel Programming using Open Source Software

- Pascal Fares, ISSAE CNAM-Lebanon, “Open Source Experiences”


Coffee Break


Keynote (3): Mohamed Al-Maraghy, Mazadah International
“Cloud Computing and the impact on the business”

Parallel sessions – Technically sponsored by IEEE

Session: 4A(Room: Ground Floor Auditorium)

Session 4A: Open Source Software Security
Chair: Mwaffaq Otoom

- Test Suite Effectiveness: An Indicator for Open Source Software Quality
Alenezi, Hussien, Akour, and Al-Saad

- On Tackling Social Engineering Web Phishing Attacks Utilizing Software Defined Networks (SDN) Approach
Masoud, Jaradat, and Ahmad

- Toward Extending Apache Thrift Open Source to Alleviate SOAP Service Consumption
Sefid-Dashti and Babamir

- The Malware Detection Challenge of Accuracy
Akour, Alsmadi, Alazab, and Al-Saad

- Innovative Methodology for Elevating Big Data Analysis and Security
Aloune, Hababeh, Al-Hawari, Alajrami

Session: 4B(Room: Under Ground Floor Room 1)

Session 4B: Open Source Software Applications and Services
Chair: Mohmmad Al Daoud

- Automated Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data: A Systematic Review of Recent Methods
Ghaleb, Mohammed and Ramadan

- 3D Gesture-Based Control System using Processing Open Source Software
Ahmad, Majzoub, and Charanek

- Evaluating the Use of Moodle to Achieve Effective and Interactive Learning: A Case Study at the German Jordanian University
El Bahsh and Daoud

- Aiding Cancer Research by data analysis with the Rcran statistical Environment
Barghash, Helms, and Kessler

Session: 4C(Room: Under Ground Floor Room 2)

Session 4C: Open Source Software Business Engineering
Chair: Pascal Fares

- Monitoring ”Grid-Cloud” model using Complex Event Processing (CEP)
LADOUR and El-Maouhab

- A Collaborative Approach to Managing Business Processes

- IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Based On VMware SRM Solution for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)
Alshammari and Alwan

- A New Data-Intensive Task Scheduling in OptorSim, an Open Source Grid Simulator
Moghadam and Babamir

- The Role of Open Source Software in Program Analysis for Reverse Engineering




OSSCOM consortium meeting (members only, by invitation)