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The 2nd International Conference on Open Source Software Computing (OSSCOM 2016)

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Enrique Arias Antúnez

Enrique Arias received a Ph.D in Computer Science at the Technical University of Valencia (UPV) in 2003, after getting a Ms.C. in Computer Science at the same university. Since 1999 he is a lecturer at the Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Informática of Albacete (UCLM). He is currently an associate professor in the Computing Systems Department, where he teaches subjects related to operating systems and parallel and distributed computing.
During the last years, he has focused his research on the application of parallel and distributed computing techniques to several fields of science and engineering such as climate change and bioinformatics., as well as in Numerical Computing. All this research has been supported by several national and European projects, as well as by more than 100 research publications and being supervisor of 4 PhDs.